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The Closer: Game of the Year Edition

How far would you go for Game Seven of the World Series?

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Serafina’s Crown

The death of Queen Belatrix has left a vacancy on the throne. Solve her murder and restore order to the kingdom.

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Quantum Conscience

If you could read the minds of your friends, would you do it?

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26 Gy

An old-school RPG about dying of radiation poisoning.

Narrative focused independent video games.
Would you like to play a story?

Video games aren't movies. They aren't books, television shows, or operas, either. Games are always interactive, whereas stage plays are usually only interactive when something goes horribly wrong. Thesis Games is the collaberation between writers/developers Jenny Gibbons (Woodsy Studio) and Malcolm Pierce to further the oft-deried cause of storytelling in games.


Jenny Gibbons

Developer, Artist, Writer, and Composer

Malcolm Pierce

Developer, Writer, Public Relations

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